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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal landscaping contractor can make sure that any property that needs proper upkeep is given all the necessary care it requires to thrive in the face of adverse weather conditions. At Manuel Landscaping, we make sure that our clients are given all the insights that they might need to determine if hiring us is the right choice for them. However, for additional details, simply reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. We are highly trusted and reliable professionals who exceed the expectations of our clients with ease. Our training and the overall work ethic that we bring to the table are second to none across the entire Romeoville, IL area.

What are the perks of reliable lawn care?

Timely lawn care by a skilled landscaper with the right training and experience means more lush landscapes that are covered with thriving vegetation. It ensures optimal fertilization as well as irrigation that enables optimal vegetative growth. Another factor that can be added to the mix as a perk of timely lawn care is the ability to make sure that even in the face of true rough weather conditions, your vegetation survives and can last throughout the year.

How to deal with landscape upkeep?

If you are looking to provide optimal care for your landscape and don’t have the necessary skills for the job, it is highly advisable to hire landscaping services that are tailored to accommodate the most challenging projects irrespective of the scale of the property. Professionals who have been in the landscaping industry for years and provide truly exceptional results while being cost-effective and incredibly reliable.

Do you deal with deck painting?

To make sure that your decks look as good as new, it is important to first source the right paint for the finish. If the deck is built with wood and you are considering staining the wood, apart from just the stain, you will need a layer of clear coat for additional protection. Deck painting is a great project to invest in.

Are you certified and insured?

Yes. We are trusted experts who offer backyard landscape design and are both certified as well as insured. Being this credible has enabled us to be the ideal choice for many property owners across town and even for some new clients who have never hired us before. We let our work ethic, customer service, and finishes all speak for themselves.

How experienced are you?

As trusted professionals who have access to the right tools for the job and offer professional lawn care, we have more than 20 years or two decades’ worth of intricate hands-on experience at our disposal. Through this time, we have been hired to tackle projects of varying complexity levels.

We hope that after going through this entire page, you got all the insights you needed to determine if we are the right fit for your needs. However, if you have more questions, reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to provide further insights. Our experts at Manuel Landscaping can be contacted at (815) 201-0051. Our skills and the work ethic that we bring to the table are second to none. We are highly trained professionals who enjoy working with clients across the entire Romeoville, IL area.

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